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A year of living social trends: April, health reset

We believe in the power of social data to reveal people’s  behaviours, and well, in our own research. So, we’re putting our money where our mouth is, and living the trends we identify, for a whole year. Thus far that’s been veganism, cycling and gin. Turns out April sees a major, largely unrealised trend: health reset. So, we’ll be doing the same ourselves.

What is the health reset?

Every year, Easter & April see people reset their health. Not quite as much as January, but significantly, nonetheless. It takes a number of forms, and has a number of reasons, which we’ll explore over the coming month, in detail.

What does it involve?

There is a marked uptick (around a third) in searches and discussion of health-focussed food searches, and more modest upticks in exercise-based digital activity.

We see foods like avocados and green vegetables of all types surge in April. Avocados are up 3.5 times 2012 levels, demonstrating the longer-term growth. Kale has grown x4.5, and matcha x5.

Whilst foods see the marked discussion, they correlate (statistically and strategically) with exercise trends.

When does it happen?

Easter is one trigger, April is the other. In some years, such as this, the two combine. Easter acts a lifestyle trigger, whilst April acts as a calendar-based one – the time of year, not the time with friends and family.

What’s interesting?

If you’re looking for the breakout health reset food of 2017 – turmeric is your substance of choice (anti-inflammatory benefits). Meanwhile coconut water is in marked decline – 2016’s health trend has seen its best days.

Equally interesting is that traditional dieting (calorie-counting and quick fixes) doesn’t appear. People are looking for better options on their diet, based on whole foods and ingredients. There has been a significant generational shift in attitudes to resetting one’s health.

How will we live the trend?

We’ll be personally practicing the food and exercise resets we identify, following the Easter blowout. We’ll share more detailed versions – and how you can get involved, over coming weeks.


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